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    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 04 She's So Awesome
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Gushing forth. Juices flowing. She's all knowing.

Like a flower. Now's the hour. She's the power.

Oh She's so awesome now.

Open wide. Incoming tide. Deep inside.

Our Mother Earth. She gave birth. Primordial surf.


Home sweet home. No where to roam. We've been shown.

Does it matter? All life matters. What's the matter?

Lets turn it around. Up from the ground. Follow that sound. Follow that sound. Follow that sound. Round and round.

I feel her coming. Our bodies humming. Natures summing. 3x

Natures summing. Our bodies humming. Now She's coming.

Oh She's so awesome.

"She's So Awesome" Music, Words and Arrangement by David Stanton Bryant
The Players:
Flamenco Guitar: Calvin Hazen
Acoustic and Electric basses: Justin Bransford
Soprano Saxophone: Alex Murzyn
Vocals, Cajon, Conga, Palmas, Shekere, Drum Set: dsb
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by dsb for davomusic and Plan D Productions.
All right reserved 2020.