This is a group of instruments that I hauled from Albuquerque to Santa Barbara Sound Design (in my 84 Toyota Long Bed w the R22 motor) for a very well financed session. I was expected to fill 10 trax with drums/perc/snd colors.  

Not a one day hit. This involved 5 full days of tracking and 2 days of touch-ups with the client present. I'm pretty sure I went back to Burque with 5K in my pocket. I only mention the $ because (post COVID) those kinds of sessions don't happen least not for me. 

I never know exactly what I'm going to use on something like this. So I try and bring as wide a color pallet as poss.

Most of these instruments, I can't rent as 'back line' stuff. They're unique and some are one of a kind.

This session also involved drum set. So I probably brought at least 5 snares, a bunch of cymbals and my BD and HH pedals too. It's hard, even for me, to believe that I got all that in my little truck. 

BR: Pete Englehart bell tree, jumbo drum, shekeres, Udu, cuica, talking drums, assorted shakers and seed pods.

FR: Dumbek, jun jun, tamborines, panderos, djembe, bongos, conga, ceramic bongos, frame drums, cajon