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    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 09 Just In Time
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  • Sample Rate44.1

See the sign. In my mind. No rewind. Just in time.

The Hopi say Blue Kachina's coming. I think they're right. No more time for running. In the now. I know just how. To be a free soul, not a slave.

Some say time it has a constancy. Not so. It's totally elastic. See...there's ebb and flow. Creators know it's a wild pendulum. 

It swings from over here to over there. In and out and to and fro. No one knows just where it goes. Here it comes around.

Spinning. Spinning. We're spinning in time. Spinning in time. We've come so far.

We're in time. Sweet, Sweet time. Get in time. Spinning in time.

So what started it all spinning. Way back. Back in the beginning. A bunch of gupe. A cosmic soup. Behold the wonder of it all.

Just in time. See the sign. There's no rewind. When you're spinning in time.

"Just In Time" Words, music and arraignment by David Stanton Bryant

The Players

Electric basses (high and low): Justin Bransford

Hammond organ, Grand piano: Dom Camardella (recorded by DC st Santa Barbara Sound Design)

Electric guitar: Steven Duros

Vocals, congas, drum set, shekere, cow bell, synthesizer: dsb

Mixed by dsb and Michael Esser at 16 Ton Recording Studios Nashville.

Produced, engineered, and mastered by dsb for davomusic and Plan D Productions.

All rights reserved 2020.