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    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 03 Bongos For Tracy
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Now. Now. Now. I'm singing this song for my little brother Tracy. Gone at 32.

Now one thing he told me, Don't focus on the negative. Just keep it high vibe-ing and have some fun.

He would always say, Love is the key to set you free.

Gone at 32. What are you gonna do now. Gone at 32.

Way back when we were younger. You know, he couldn't keep up. I always left him in the dust.

In so many ways. He was never phased. In so ways he showed me that, love can change the world. Today. Right now.

My little bro "T" he always dug my bongos. He said, Man sing with the bongos. OK...this is how your song goes.

It's my bongo song for Tracy. Who showed me how to generate love. Forgive yourself.

Well, what are we gonna do? It's about time. For brother Tracy.

Where ever you are. Where ever you are. Know that my love for you is real.

"Bongos for Tracy" Words, music and arrangement by David Stanton Bryant
The Players
Electric Basses: Justin Bransford
Electric Guitars: Reed Easterwood
Flutes: Alex Murzyn
Wurlitzer, Bongos, Cajons, Vocals, Triangle, Shaker, Cymbal, Thunder: dsb
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by dsb for davomusic and Plan D Productions.
All rights reserved 2020.