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    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 05 Just Let Go
  • FormatMP3
  • Bit Rate16
  • Sample Rate44.1

Felt your love shining through me. No more time to be. Locked up tight. Safe out of sight.

Just let go and know.

Some time's it's not so easy. To know the right way to go. Just jump in to the river. 

Don't hold on. Be the giver.

So now the time has come to. Look out and see who's with you.

No time for regret and sorrow. Create a new tomorrow.

"Just Let Go" Words, music and arrangement by David Stanton Bryant.
The players
Electric Basses, Synthesizer: Justin Bransford
Vibraphone Patch: Domenic Camardella (recorded by DC at Santa Barbara Sound Design)
Jazz Guitar: Alberto Negroni (recorded by DC at SBSD)
Flamenco Guitar: Ottmar Liebert (recorded by OL at his studio)
Vocals, Frame Drum, Jun Jun, Shekere, shaker, Bell: dsb
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by dsb for davomusic and Plan D Productions