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    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 01 Notes And Directions
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Let's dream a way. Let's dream a way now.

I'm gettin' up early. Gonna be on time. Down at the crossroads.

Sing a song. Write it down. Let 'em know your there.

Something's gotta give. Have to find a way to live. I can't keep goin' around and around.

One thing I know for sure. I'm so tired of being all alone. I'm lookin' for a way home.

With roots just like a tree. Reaching down in to the Earth. I think I'm gonna put my feet on the ground.

I'm going to. Stay grounded. That's the way. Then bad vibes, they wont get through.

Just touch the Earth. She will heal you.

Our feet touching Mother Earth now. Just trust. She has the know-how. Our feet touching Mother Earth now.

That's it. There's nothing to it. Just put your skin on your Mama. Just do it. She will help you through it.

Feel that groove now deep inside of you. Rockin' steady. Now you know just what to do. Feel my waves crashin' over you. There's so much love here. You want some more? I know you do. I got it here for you.

I'm knockin' at your door. Come on baby let me in. I'm gonna make you mine. It's a matter of time. You know I have the key. Come on baby, you and me. Open up and let me in!

You and me coming together. Can't think of nothing better. You and me coming together. 

Don't let 'em divide the goodness. Just see it. See right on through it. I know that we can do it.

You see...I always felt you there. Right there. Just behind the glare. It was something in the air. Deep inside. In my soul. In my bones. Now I'm...now I'm more aware.

Good people, let's get together. Don't worry about the heavy weather. Good people groovin' together.

Let's dream a way. Let's dream a way. Let's dream a way. Let's dream a way now.

It's gonna be a wild time. Pick it up. Pick it up now. It could be a real good time.

"Notes and Directions" Words, Music and Arrangement: David Stanton Bryant
The players
Electric Basses: Justin Bransford
Vibraphone Patch, Hammond C-3 Organ: Dominic Camardella
Electric Guitar: Steven Duros
Vocals, Congas, Cajon, African Talking Drum, Shekere, Shaker, Drum Set, Synthesizer: dsb
Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by dsb for davomusic and Plan D Productions.
All rights reserved 2020.