1. 1
    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 01 Just In Time
  2. 2
    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 02 So Long
  3. 3
    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 03 Blue Sky
  4. 4
    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 04 She's So Awesome
  5. 5
    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 05 Just Let Go
  6. 6
    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 06 Everything's Lining Up
  7. 7
    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 07 God's Love
  8. 8
    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 08 Notes And Directions
  9. 9
    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 09 Space
  10. 10
    Davomusic Bongos For Tracy 10 Bongos For Tracy

This is the debut release of my original music.

This album is dedicated to my little brother Tracy Michael Bryant.

He was and is a shining star in my life and to all those who knew him.

Tracy died of AIDS in 1997.

mark f.

Reminder on May 16, 2024: T-shirts!Please.

mark f.

I truly enjoy this version of the song "So Long". I'd be curious to hear a new version with Justin on acoustic bass and you playing live percussion/drums...

mark f.

Any plans for merch?

Dave Bryant


If your still out there...my sincerest apologies for not responding in a more timely fashion.


In regards to merch...Absolutely! Working on it now. I appreciate your interest. 




mark f.

A composer & producer who plays percussion and drums.He can really play, has ridiculous chops, can deal with a multitude of genres...and always uses those skills to serve the music, hence the assertion in the first sentence...

With repeatead listenings,so many juicy details and subtle wonders reveal themselves in these songs. 

Can't wait to hear what sonic juju you'll conjure next! Siga, hombre!

Dave Bryant

Dear Mark,

These prescient comments mean a great deal to me.

That you would take the time to listen AND respond is no small matter.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for taking "So Long" to respond. 


For the last 2 yrs I've been waiting tables at Durans's on Central (Route 66).

It's one of the most popular New Mexican restaurants in all of Albuquerque (A very demanding job for someone my age...almost 62).


Bottom line...In 2023, I totally dropped the ball w the website. Things will be different in 2024!


The good news is...I HAVE been creating content. Lots of it.

Over 20 new songs. I'm in the process of picking 10 for a Spring release.


In the next few days, I'll be uploading pics of the current Plan D Prod. It's the best recording set up I've had in a long time. I regularly have 2 full drum kits all set up and ready to record.  One has a 16" bass drum. The other a 28" bass drum. Totally different.


I'm also starting a blog involving creative friends from around the world. 

I'll be recording our conversations (and video chats), on a wide variety of topics, and share them on my site.


I hope you stay tuned.




P.S. This morning I changed the order of the trax on B4T. I moved the 2 most liked ones to the front.

I'm also in the process of making individual trax available for $1.00 each and all 10 for $5.00.

Couldn't figure that out this morning. I'll have it sorted in the next few days.   



mark f.

Maaaan, I emphatically empathize with the challenge of doing restaurant work, as I have many years of experience working every "front and back of house" restaurant job...I'd argue, admittedly without knowing all of the details, that you were doing what you needed to do, which resulted in your energy and attention being shifted away from the website for a time...

And now, you're back... and I look forward to hearing what Chef Davo is cooking in his musical kitchen. I'm also a huge fan of the way you and Justin Bransford generate magic in the rhythm section.

Die-hard fan here, sending love, respect, and best wishes! Keep going, man! Thanks for the response, and hit me up when you have merch available!